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Rabbit hunt – Fanø 2022

Postponed until next year (2023) due to myxomatosis disease in the stock..

Fanø hunting association announces:
The hunt will start at the Fanø golf course because they want to offer their local members of the hunting association to become spectaters since falconry are a quite new sport to our country – later we’ll move on to the moor – and also they have a lot of rabbits around the cottage area, here they will also try to arrange a hunt.

Participating falconers dont have to book a cottage, the hunting association provides accommodation for us, so this issue has there been taken care of when we arrive – but i do think we have to pay a small fee for water, electricity and so on.

Concerning dogs:
Since the association also wants to add their own ferrets for our hunt – and as far as I’m concerned none of the danish falconers owns a dog socialized to ferret yet – it means that it is only dogowners of a trained dog to participate in the hunt.

For internal communication – we are all using hunting radios, so hopefully you guys own such a kit – I have an extra kit be to lend out if needed – we’er using a Swedish channel Frequency: SV4 OPEN

Pls. sign up and register for the fieldmeet below in the comments with name and mobil number

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