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Falconry ambassador

A Wild Journey

Shawn Hayes leads a life of devotion. For him, falconry is more than a deep partnership with raptors: it’s his life’s work. As an American falconry ambassador, he’s carved a space for himself where people of color haven’t always been welcome. It’s taken him across the globe, into strongholds of tradition and conservation. This film is about more than what humans can train birds to do—it’s about what those birds can teach us about living in partnership with wild creatures and wild places.

Directors: Brett Marty & Josh Izenberg
Producers: Josh Izenberg, Brett Marty, and Shawn Hayes
Cinematography: Owen Bissell
Editor: Traci Loth
Composer: Todd Hannigan
Executive Producers: Monika McClure and Alex Lowther
European Cinematography: Niki Waltl
Additional Cinematography: Jason Joseffer, Josh Izenberg, Brett Marty, Ben Ditto, Kesten Migdal
Color: Dan Edwards
Visual Effects: Colin Gill, Zeke Faust
Sound Design and Re-Recording Mixer: Jeremiah Moore
Dialogue and Sound Editor: Eric Reimers

Archival footage Courtesy of: Patagonia, British Pathé, The Archives of Falconry, The Peregrine Fund, Wayne Hall, O’Brien Clarisse, Animal World, Colegio de Postgraduados