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Location of 10 new NNP’s announced

The gross list of 21 nature national parks has now been cut down to the final 10

Where on the map should Denmark’s 10 new nature national parks be located?

Minister of the Environment Lea Wermelin unveils this together with rapporteurs from the Socialist People’s Party, the Radical Left, the Unity List and the Alternative at a press conference in Copenhagen on Thursday at 8.30.

The selection of the 10 new nature national parks takes place as part of the implementation of the Nature and Biodiversity Package, where DKK 888 million has been set aside to give Danish nature a historic boost.

The location of the first five nature national parks has already been decided. They will be located in Fussingø by Randers, Gribskov in North Zealand, Almindingen on Bornholm, Stråsø between Herning and Holstebro and Tranum by Jammerbugt.

It was actually intended that the final location of the 10 new nature national parks based on a gross list of 21 should be determined in December, but this was postponed until this year due to the many inquiries the authorities received last year.

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