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News from the UK

In light of recent developments at a number of peregrine sites with fledging youngsters , who for various reasons may be unable to be returned safely ( without labouring the issue we have already picked up two out of busy roads almost flattened) , gulls are relentless this season

Myself and Shaun have bred our own peregrines and have more than enough to be hunting with , to that end we may require suitable skilled and experienced gamehawkers to hunt with and rehabilitate a female and male peregrine within the constraints of our rehabilitation programme, on standby , drop me or and be on standby, drop me or Shaun a pm to express an interest , it’s not an onerous task but does require a commitment and legally overseen program working with other interested bodies. Pic from yesterday

I’m pleased to say both falcons have been banded by the BTO, medicated as they had frounce ,registered with APHA and are now in the skilled hands of BFC members to begin their journey back to the wild and provide some sport on the way ,meanwhile back at the ranch Scott Irwin just forked out another £25 in fuel and tunnel fees to pick up another tiercel 🙂


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