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Cast training and hunting the Harris Hawk for Falconry

Wolves of the sky..

Cast training the harris hawk. Wolves of the sky is about training a group of harris hawks from birth, right up to there first few kills together. and how falconers train up there hawks for hunting – some content some viewers might find graphic…

Q: Smart training right there! You’ve developed quite a team of hunting partners! Also, the manning process was great too! I’m so happy for what you did for these hawks! You’ve unlocked their hunting potential amazingly well!

Q: This is probably the best video I’ve seen about manning and getting the birds trained to the lure and rabbits, getting your hands in there and having them being used to being touched. Our season is about to start here in the US, and I think it’s going to be a great year.

Q: I have thought more about having a cast, I have a question, can the Harris hawks live together or kept separate, If they haven’t grown up together.
I heard that at fat weight they can, and at hunting weight the can’t.
I would appreciate your thoughts on this , if I do get another should they be kept separate, I appreciate that there will be an introduction period that will be necessary.

Falconer Jess Bell and he’s HH

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