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The president of Croatia received members of the Croatian falconry club

Zoran Milanović the president of Croatia received members of the Croatian falconry club on the occasion of the inclusion of falconry on the list of UNESCO’s intangible world heritage

Today, the President of the Republic, Zoran Milanović, received the members of the Croatian Falconers’ Club on the occasion of the inclusion of Croatian falconers on the UNESCO list of representatives of the intangible heritage of mankind. At the meeting of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee on the Conservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage in December 2021, falconry from Croatia joined a multinational nomination that included Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, Morocco, Mongolia. , The Netherlands, Germany, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, the Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Slovakia, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

As members of the Croatian falconry club explained, the long tradition of falconry in Croatia contributed to its inclusion on the prestigious list, as well as falconry, which is still present today thanks to the involvement of the Croatian falconry club founded in Karlovac in 2007. In addition to the historical and cultural aspect of falconry, members of the club also spoke with President Milanović about the economic role of falconry, for example in tourism. The falcons also work with breeding, protection, hunting and use of game, which in addition to the economic function includes the function of protecting and maintaining the biological and ecological balance in natural game habitats, caring for hunting ethics and customs and protecting nature. and the human environment.

Falconry is the oldest hunting discipline, where game is hunted with a trained bird of prey in natural surroundings, and as a traditional Croatian hunting method, it also plays a major role in the protection of birds of prey, pointed out Croatian falcons. They added that falconry in Croatia has a long and solid tradition since the time when it was brought to these areas by the Illyrians and scattered by the Celts, and that it has been held for the longest time in the areas of the Republic of Dubrovnik.

From the Croatian falconry club, the chairman of the Croatian falconry club from Karlovac, Ph.D., was present at the meeting. Viktor Šegrt, Vice President of the Croatian Falcon Hunter Club from Istria Hari Herak, Secretary of the Croatian Falcon Hunters Club from Međimurje Zlatko Habuš, Former Secretary of the Croatian Falcon Hunters Club Ivan Horvat, Member of the Croatian Falcon Hunters Club from Istria Croatian Me Falan David Herakur Horvat and future falcons from Karlovac Maks Šegrt, who brought three falconry birds with them to the president’s office – a bald eagle, a barn owl and a harrier hawk.

President Milanović was accompanied by the President’s Commissioner for Sport Željko Jovanović.

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