Spring til indhold

About nature and biodiversity..

The consideration for the “patient” as here is about nature and biodiversity – is overshadowed more and more by an ideological struggle for the right to dispose of Denmark’s area.

As a human being, I grew up with and in nature on my parents’ property on well over 12 acres, a small country house, but then enough that we could make a living from it – and it was always in close interaction with our cultural landscape – e.g. when our mother asked dad and I to bring hares for a Sunday dinner when uncles and aunts came by, she got three hares, even though we often met 7-8 (quite unheard of in 12 acres today)

Nowadays, it is damn depressing to follow the debate, which is less and less about taking care of “nature” and our “fellow species” in our cultural landscape – but more and more about an ideological power struggle with a power-hungry environment minister and all her cronies on the right to dispose of land and define what is “real” and / or “wild” nature ..


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