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Complaints about the Danish government to the European Court of Justice

The government led by Environment Minister Lea Wermelin does not recognize the EU’s habitat directive when establishing the nature national parks.

We must stop the government’s destruction of Denmark’s nature and forests. The EU Habitats Directive will help us.

The Ministry of the Environment is obliged to carry out environmental assessments of the highest scientific standard before launching projects in designated habitats and in Natura 2000 areas. Even if they are nature projects, they are set in motion.
The ministry must prove that the project does NOT harm protected species and habitats.

It has NOT happened, and the Ministry of the Environment has refused to prepare the environmental assessments, but will only do the much weaker screenings.

The EU can stop the establishment of Nature National Parks
The EU has the power to stop the establishment of Nature National Parks if environmental assessments are not available. Denmark has signed the EU’s habitat directive.

Poland has been sentenced to halt a nature project in a Natura 2000 area, as the Polish authorities also failed to carry out an environmental assessment.

Legal assistance required
We need a lawyer to summarize a complaint against the Danish government and a report to the EU Commission now.

The association Fri Natur is already working with the task together with the lawyer, but of course it costs to make use of expertise.

Source: Fri Natur


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