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Launch of the IAF Welfare Course for Raptors used in Falconry

What is IAF and what are we doing?

The IAF is dedicated to the preservation of the ancient art of falconry, a hunting tradition defined as ‘taking quarry in its natural state and habitat by means of trained birds of prey‘. Preserving falconry involves maintaining not only the traditional culture that builds practical skills of empathy with animals, but also the conservation of raptors and their prey. 

IAF was founded in 1968 and is a participant in all the conservation conventions and Multi-Government Agreements and is an accredited INGO to the UNESCO Intangible Heritage. IAF has its head office in a 17th-century building in central Brussels. For more information and the latest updates on events and conferences organized by the IAF, please click here for the IAF website.

IAF is pleased to share with you the IAF Welfare Course for Raptors used in Falconry. Please share it with anyone you like. It is designed to be of use to falconers and to welfare officials alike.

This course is the culmination of work from multidisciplinary experts in IAF from countries all over the world, led by the IAF Welfare Working Group Chairman, Prof. Dr. Tom Richter, throughout the last 4 years. It is built upon IAF policy documents and expertise gathered through our work in international conventions and with local stakeholders and falconers.

IAF is pleased to provide this comprehensive course free of charge to anyone who wishes to improve their understanding of the welfare of raptors used in falconry.

Please click on the image to access the course >>

To represent falconry throughout the world.
Falconry is the traditional sport of taking quarry in its natural state and habitat by means of trained birds of prey. It is a hunting art.

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