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Memoirs of a hunting falconer

Nearing the final stages of preparation for printing, and, all being well, will be available before the end of the year. The long awaited memoirs of the great Ronnie Moore. A truly fascinating read with Ronnie recounting his tales of various hawks as well as the beautiful Golden Eagle “Ailsa”, whom he flew for 28 years.

Tales of hawking and fellow falconers recounted as only Ronnie can. This is a book that had to be teased from the author, and it really was worth the time and trouble. It is indeed a tome worthy of a man renowned for his skill as a falconer, but perhaps now there will be an added respect for a first rate raconteur.

The book will be published through Solent Design Publishing.

Their web site www.solentdesignpublishing.com

Source: Bob Dalton

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