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The Falconer 2022

This year’s edition of the Journal should be landing on your door mat today!

It is perhaps the largest edition ever published, so far. You will see that it has been “curated” in such a way that there is a thread running through the entire publication.

What it is not, is a random compilation of submitted articles, thrown together. Hopefully, you will appreciate that once you have read through it.

I wish to thank all those who contributed articles, the majority of whom I contacted directly requesting articles from them, and each has its own story on how the articles came about. Also, my appreciation to the couple of contributors who responded to my annual plea for copy, as it is becoming harder and harder to get our members to voluntarily write for the Journal.

We all have our own stories, thoughts and experiences we can pass on to our fellow falconers, and for future generations to read. So please consider this and send in your prospective articles for 2023.
I truly hope The Falconer is valued by its members.

It is the primary publication of the BFC and it sets the standard of falconry we all wish to aspire and achieve, and it certainly brings us to the forefront of falconry world-wide.

Source: British Falconer Club

Italian Goshawk breed by Paolo Massarutto

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