Spring til indhold

Outing with an German Goshawk

Out with an german hawk – but today was one of those days where there was absolutely nothing for her to fly on, yet my friend’s hawk, a young male caught 2 pheasants – now after a couple of hours we went back to the car to enjoy the coffee break – I put the hawk up on top of the carroof as we were used to.

After the coffee break i prepared a couple of DOC just to see if we could find a single slip for her.

Fuck! -the hawk was gone and I couldn’t see her anywhere – I pulled my Microsensory GPS to find out where she was – yes yes yes finally I got a signal about 100-150 yards from the car.

And there she sat on a small hare that was already dead, infact i hate when hawks are selfhunting, so just sitting on the carroof came to an end today.

Skriv et svar