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Goshawk on Pheasants over Pointers

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A morning on a local farm, hunting Pheasants with a Goshawk.
After leaving the farm yard, we headed along a hedgerow leading into a game crop.

The dogs hunted well, with several Pheasants flushed, before Lush and Calla came on point directly in front of Keith. Cammy helped flush the Pheasant and the Goshawk was slipped.

After a short flight the Goshawk struck the Pheasant and after a further 100m or so, caught it.
Keith made his way in and after fitting the tail guard, he allowed time for the Hawk to plume it’s kill, before trading the Hawks normal rations for the Pheasant.

To maintain the birds quality of flight and to keep them keen, Keith only allows a single kill.
We then headed back to the pickup.

On the way, the dogs pointed on a Pheasant sitting tight in a ditch. After a bit of persuasion from Cammy, it flushed out into the glare from the sun.

On arriving back at the pickup, Keith returned Rheagar,the Goshawk, back to it’s box and prepared Rhaena, the Ferrutail, for a flight later, at the next location.

Apologies for the wee glitch with the background music, in the middle of the video.
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Source by: Kenny Willmitt

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